La Grande Terche

est une station de sports d'hiver francaise, situee dans le massif du Chablais

About La Grande Terche

La Grande Terche is a French ski resort, situated in the Chablais massif, in the municipality of Saint-Jean-d'Aulps and the department of Haute-Savoie in the region Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes. The ski domain is associated with the Espace Roc d'Enfer since joining with the Bellevaux-La Chevrerie. It is integrated with, but not linked to, the Franco-Swiss International ski Portes du Soleil.

There are presently 23 pistes in total, including 1 black run, 10 red runs, 7 blue runs and 5 green runs totalling fifty kilometres. La Grande Terche is ideal for beginners and families with two beginner / family friendly slopes. La Grande Terche has it's own branch of Ecole du Ski Francais offering ski lessons for people of all abilities.

La Grande Terche offers the Roc d'Enfer circuit. The Roc d'Enfer circuit is truly wonderful and should be easily manageable within a day. It allows you to ski the whole locality, with fabulous views from the mountain. The circuit begins at the top of the main chairlift and finishes in the beautiful village of La Grande Terche. One of the best things about La Grande Terche is its tranquility. Even during peak season the queues are relatively short and the off-piste remains largely untouched.

La Grande Terche is a beautiful little French Alpine village with its own shops and bars. Regardless of where you stay it's only a short stroll to the Tele-Cabin or the village centre. The village has several bars / restaurants, a Sherpa shop, a local speciality shop, several estate agents and ski rental shops.

Visit Ches La Pere Bill, Bar l'efanle or L'Avanlanche for something to eat and drink. We can personally recommend the Pizzas at Bill's, they're great.


La Grande Terche (Now Roc d'Enfer) roughly translated means a "high rock" or a "tall rock with a flat/level top". The station takes its name from the small peak overlooking the domain, situated at a height of 1731m above sea level.


A brief History of La Grande Terche

In 1969 La Grande Terche was created with the installation of two ski lifts at the top of La Moussiere.

La Grande Terche History: The 1970's

In 1973 the local council resumed the construction of the ski domain, but it wasn't until 1975 things really got going with the construction of two new ski lifts the Esserailloux and the smaller / baby lift the Terchette. In 1976 another small ski lift (Bray) was built and the ski domain became integrated with the Portes du Soleil. Finally in 1979 two further chairlifts (three seater fixed grip to be precise) were added to La Grande Terche the Chargeau and Graydon.

La Grande Terche History: The 1980's

The 1980's began where the 1970's left off with the replacement of some of the smaller lifts with new 4 seater gondolas. La Grande Terche was in the ascendancy. In 1983 another new ski lift was added to the domain (the Lanchereau) and 1987 saw the creation of La Grande Terche's first full circuit the "Rock of Hell" or Roc de l'enfer. This was later abbreviated, (like most things) to Roc d'enfer and is how the area got its new name. Finally as the 1980's ended a new cable car was installed allowing six people to travel up to the domain rather than the original four. The cable car upgrade came in 1988.

La Grande Terche History: 2000 to Date

The 1990's passed La Grande Terche by and little changed (which I think was a good thing). By 2006 the world had moved on and paperwork became important (even in France) and La Grande Terche applied and achieved its ISO 9001 status in 2006, it was also the year La Grande Terche officially changed it's name to Roc d'enfer. 2007 saw the biggest improvement to La Grande Terche or Roc d'Enfer with the installation of snow cannons, meaning the ski domain no longer has to rely on mother nature for its snow.

La Grande Terche Piste Map

La Grande Terche Piste Map

Travelling to La Grande Terche

Travelling to La Grande Terche from Geneva Airport (GVA)

Depending on whether you hire your car from the French or Swiss side of the airport the initial directions will vary. We would always suggest asking your car rental company for directions to Le Lac. From there take the bridge over Lake Geneva and follow the signs towards Evian and Thonon (these will be on your left hand side).

Once you reach Thonon, take the roundabout exit labeled Montreux onto the motorway. After a few minutes (five or so) take the exit towards Morzine. You're now on the Route des Grandes Alpes and continue to follow the signs towards Morzine.

Before reaching Morzine, you'll reach the small but beautiful town Saint Jean d'Aulps, just before you arrive into the main town you'll see a sign for St. Jean d'Aulps Station (previously La Grande Terche). Turn right here.

After a little uphill section, the road vears to the left, keep following the main road until you reach the Church, at the church t-junction, turn right and keep following the steep and twisty uphill section right to the top and you will arrive at La Grande Terche.

Travelling to La Grande Terche by Motorway (normally the UK route)

Take the Motorway exit labelled Cluses, leaving the Geneva Mont Blanc motorway (A40).

Follow the road towards Les Gets / Morzine / Thonon this route will take you through Taninges and Les Gets.

Once you have driven through Les Gets keep following the signs for Thonon (do not head into Morzine)

You will drive through Saint Jean d'Aulps, as you are leaving Saint Jean d'Aulps, prepare to turn left. Turn left at the signpost for Roc d'Enfer / La Grande Terche

Follow the road until you reach the church and at the church t-junction bear right. Follow the twisty uphill road until you reach La Grande Terche.

La Grande Terche Webcam

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